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Opening unwanted sessions?

Question asked by Peter Thickett on Sep 14, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2009 by Peter Thickett

I am running sw 2008 sp5.0, and for some reason, whenever I open a drawing, part or assembly (by the way they all have edrawings icons...) from windows explorer, so simply double clicking on the file itself, they open correctly in solidworks. However if I have solidworks already running, it starts another session, I get the auto recover error, etc etc. So I have to open files from within solidworks, and its getting very frustrating while using pdmwe all the time and I normally end up dragging and dropping the part, drawing or assembly into the solidworks window, but its really starting to get to me now!


My IT department seem unwilling to help, I have checked the open with command, and its pointing to sldworks.exe, which I assume is correct, unless I am missing something.


Any advice would be great.