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Motion2009 getting out of date Plots

Question asked by 1-J7Q90T on Sep 13, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2009 by 1-J7Q90T

Hi everyone,


     I have a motion study that I control from an VBA/Excel macro. It worked fine before we switched from SW08 to SW09. Now, when we modify a dimension, update the model and run the simulation again, the simulation seems fine and updated. But the plots keeps the datas of the last simulation before saving and reopening. Reloading the model does not make any difference. Since the assembly we use is pretty heavy (Because of the numerous motion study plots (25mo)) It is not acceptable for us to save and reopen each time we do an iteration on the model.


As anyone an idea why the results would not be updated?



Thank you!

    Francis Gagné