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surfacing quirks

Question asked by John Kreutzberger on Sep 11, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2009 by John Kreutzberger

I wasn't sure whether this thread belonged here or in the surfacing or possibly even the user interface area. However, since I am noticing this in the context of designing molds, I'll just talk about it here. There are 2 minor annoyances I have been seeing for a while. I am currently on sp4.1 of SW2009-64 on Vista-64.


First of all-I use the mold tools and as I have said before I don't use them `all the way' in that I seldom go all the way through to the tooling split. I also seldom-if ever-use the SW parting surfaces. I prefer to do both of this things manually in the context of my subassembly which contains the core/cavities,etc. This means that I do a lot of copying of surfaces from the molded part into my other parts. (offset at a distance of zero.) This often involves copying the surface from the core or cavity surface folder in addition to surfaces that I have created for the parting line itself. Then in the context of my core or cavity, I knit them all together and make my cut.


Upon copying these surfaces, I have been noticing that the surfaces folder rarely lists all of the surfaces I have copied over. Usually the first one I copy is the most complex one. The surfaces folder will show up in the tree and indicate that there is indeed a surface present, but it does not get shown in the list of surfaces for that folder. All this means is that in order to select it I need to go down into the feature tree and select it there. That is why I call it a minor annoyance-not a deal breaker by any means-especially since I am used to this happening. (I suppose it may confuse somebody new to SW or the mold tools themselves) . I am just wondering why the surfaces folder does not get populated properly.


Then the other item that I have been seeing is in the mold tools themselves. When I create the parting line feature, I often need to hit the button to switch directions so my cavity and core sides get indentified correctly. Every once in a while, I forget to pay attention to the arrow and my core surfaces get put into the cavity folder and vice versa. Once completed-this is NOT editable. If I go back and edit the parting line feature and switch directions-the arrow will indeed flip around, but the wrong surfaces still end up in the wrong folder. Again-once you get used to this , you can live with it. It just seems like one ought to be able to edit that feature correctly. If anybody knows a way to edit this, I would appreciate a hint. I suppose this could be file specific, but I have seen it enough that I think it may be a minor bug.