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    Don't understand swept cut instructions

      Hi everyone,


      I am trying to make swept cuts on my part (refer to attached file) to make it look similar to the part below.




      I am using solid sweep to make the cut as i can point out the path and tool body for my part. When i asked it to create the cut, it says sweep cut operation error.


      I wonder where i went wrong.....


      What i did was i selected the sketch of the spiral as my path and the main body as the tool body...is this correct?


      Kindly advise...thank you very much

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          Christopher Thompson



          There are some possibilities for this problem. What version and SP of SW are you using? I previously could not create a sweep using SW 2009 SP 3.0 (64-bit) until I upgraded to SP 4.0 (currently SP 4.1). I suspect a bug existed in the 64-bit version of SW2009 as some other SW users had a similar problem.


          Check the profile of your cut and verify that it is penetrating into the solid body. The shaft should be one feature, and the sweep cut a second feature composed of a path and profile sketch. Verify that the sweep is not self-intersecting, and you can try increasing the pitch or changing the profile to test if the sweep will work before refining it.

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            Tony Cantrell
            You need to create a sperate sketch for path and profile.
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              Kelvin Lamport

              You need to create the 'cutting tool' body. All you have is the main body and the helical path.


              The cutting tool must be created using a Revolve, and then follow  the rest of the instructions in the yellow box in your image,

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                langgeng hidayat

                Yes, you need to make a sketch first. It also sketches should not be touched at the time of the revolution. Maybe the attachment of tutorial how to draw a bolt can help you draw a spiral.


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                  Hi guys,


                  My thanks to all of you. I managed to do it using profile sweep but this brings forth another question:


                  What is the difference between a profile sweep and a swept cut in general?


                  This is because a solution can be achieved by either method.




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                      Jerry Steiger



                      If you can do it using a swept sketch, then that is the best way to go. The swept body is more likely to have problems, particularly accuracy problems.


                      The swept body is meant to make it easier to produce cuts that the swept sketch has trouble with. Imagine cutting a sweep with a ball end mill. If you make a swept profile cut with a round tip that moves into your workpiece and then out again, the bottom of your cut will have a different shape than it would have with a ball end mill. If your cut stops and stops inside the workpiece, then the ends of your cut won't have the round ends that the balll end mill will generate. (You will have to add these with revolves at both ends.) The swept body cut is supposed to give you those features automatically, but it doesn't seem to work as well as most of us would like.


                      Jerry Steiger