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    Problem adding text to a solidpart.

      I have a solidpart that I want to insert Text then use the feature manager to use extruded cut to make engraved text on the part. When I insert the text it is rotated 90 deg from what I want it to be. For the life of me I have tried everything to rotate the part, but no matter what I do the text is always 90 deg out.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          Paul Swinney

               When you have the Sketch Text PM open in the upper area there is a selection box for "Curves".  If you select a line or edge etc. you text will align to it.  For instance you can create a construction line, select the end-point, your text will snap to the line, then you could use dim's (angle, dist. whatever) to position the text.  The text function is a little quirky, you gota play with it some to make some sense.  One thing, when you done with the "Sketch Text" dialog select the check mark to close, you now back in the "sketch", you can add construction geometry etc., double click the text to enable the Sketch Text dialog.  It's kinda like a sketch within a sketch tool.