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    Drawing View Configuration Problem

    Ed Scheid
      I have a drawing of an assembly that has two configurations, open and closed. In the drawing, I want one view to show the open configuation and one view to show the closed configuration. No matter what I change in the properties dialog box for each view, the views always show the in-use or last saved configuration, even if I specify what configuration to show. Has anyone else seen this problem? I am using 2009 w/ SP 3.
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          Tony Cantrell
          Look for alternate view in the help files.
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            Wayne Tiffany

            I have not seen that to be a problem here.  If I read your post correctly, you do have two unique configs in the model don't you?  Each one has the "door" positioned with mates to force it to the open or closed position?  If you switch back and forth between the two configs in the model, do you see both properly?


            If you haven't resolved this, can you post the files here?



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                Tom Cote

                I have seen this happen in the past but only if the configurations were not "exercised" by testing each one.

                The next thing I would try is to take the assembly out of light weight, if that is turned on.


                Tom C.

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                    Ed Scheid
                    There are two configurations in the assembly model and both work properly. The problem only occurs with assemblies. I have changed configurations of views with parts and have not had issues. I tried the alternate view and it did not work. I cannot post the model.
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                      Daen Hendrickson

                      I am using SW2010 with SP4.


                      I am experiencing the same thing. I have an assembly with 4 distinct configurations. The configurations function correctly in the assembly. The configurations simply control some mates to adjust part positions.


                      The drawing consists of four pages - one for each configuration. All the pages showed the current / in use configuration. Yesterday the correct configurations were shown in each view. A fresh launch and file open in SW and the problem is there. All combinations of Ctrl-Q, set all to resolved, manually changing a views configuration to something else and then back again caused no change.


                      By activating each configuration in the assemlby and (just for good measure) performing a Ctrl-Q forced rebuild afterwards the drawing finally updated. Each configuration had to be made active in the assembly. Thanks for the tip Tom.


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