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    Get selected configuration on data card

    Alexander Leisentritt



      is there a way to access the configuration name currently selected in the tabs above a data card when viewing in explorer or SWX?

      I need this to add that name to a standard value of a field to display the mass of the currently selected configuration like "SW-Mass@@Standard" or "SW-Mass@@Conf1".


      Or is there a other way? I searched in trasitions of the workflow but I cant find a varibale to get the configurations name to add to that field.


      I dont want to have always the users to edit that field in the custom properties theriselves.





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          If you have in sw a property mass for each configuration and in PDM you crate a variable mapped to that property, in the data card will be displayed the mass calculated by sw for each configuration. I hope that helps.
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              Alexander Leisentritt

              Thanks, but thats not exactly what I want.

              I want that custom property configured automatically. I dont want my users to be bothered by opening the custom properties for each new part and each new configuration to select "Mass" and then set the appropriate variable e.g. "SW-Mass@@Standard" oder "SW-Mass@@Test".

              So a new part has no custom properties set. Saving it into the vault will open the data card and show the variable the user has to set.

              I dont want him to set that mass and material. He set the material in the part earlier and the mass calculates from he density.

              So I want that the data card fills in that field by configuring tha data card with a non editable field with a standard value like "SW-Mass@@". but that show always the mass of the configuraiton the part has been saved last time and not the appropriate mass for each config.

              I cant get the data card to insert the name of the configuration after "SW-Mass@@".

              If I do it manually before and just point the edit field to that variable then it shows the mass of each config.

              But as I said I dont want to bother my users with setting custom properties.

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                  If I understood well yours users change the material in sw part and you don't want that they create a new property mass. You ca avoid that by putting this property in sw part template. So when the user save the part they do nothing. The mass is displayed for each configuration. Usually for the correct data in cards must checkin the file once.

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                      Alexander Leisentritt

                      Thanks for the hint.


                      I added the variables I want to be set in the template. Wasn't sure that when I add a new configuration those are copied and resetted for the new configuration but I tried and thats the case.


                      In my template I have now set a variable witht the value to "SW-Mass@[name_of_the_file]" and in the standard config to "SW-Mass@@Standard@[name_of_the_file]". When I make a part out of it the filename is updated and when I add another configuration it is copied to the new config and the name of the config is updated. Didn't know that this is working.


                      Thank you...

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                  Usually the correct answer is for the guy that provide the right answer