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    Simulation Tutorial Problem

    Jim Sculley

      Is it my imagination or is the


      "Converting  a Thin Solid Body into Sheet Metal and Surface Body"


      lesson in the 'Static' tutorials completely messed up?


      I have tried to work through this one a least a dozen times and at various points, the text of the lesson makes no sense or the software doesn't behave.


      Furthermore, when meshing the 'SheetMetal_Study' the 'frame' component is deleted from the model.  I have to 'Undo' to get it to come back.  Why would simulation delete components from an assembly?


      Jim S.

        • Re: Simulation Tutorial Problem
          Anthony Botting

          Hi Jim:

          I worked through this today and found a few typos (I am using SW 09, SP4.0, x64 edition):


          For step 3 in "SheetMetal_Study".
          They have a typo- s.b.

          "..right-click SolidBody 2 under the frame-1 part...".



          "SolidBody 1 icon changes from...",



          "SolidBody 2 icon changes from...".


          Thereafter, a step appears to be required when the user changes body types. I practice this frequently because of swapping solids for surfaces back and forth: Right click on the study name and choose "Update All Components". It is possible the solid body chair frame did not get recognized.

          That, or the frame failed to mesh. I have seen cases where some parts won't mesh, but the algorithm finishes anyway (ususally with a warning about which parts failed to mesh), then displays meshed components on screen.


          My software actually froze when I attempted the mesh with the new sheetmetal body representation of the seat. So, I killed SW and restarted and it works OK now.

          Can you let me know if anything else did not work as expected?


          Tony B.