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    Hatching on a 3D surface

    Wesley Prins



      I would like to do a hatching on a 3D surface.

      And eventually export this in a dxf 3D or acis.

      I found the option face curves, this works however i want a hatching defined by me.

      Like the hatching in a 45° angle and the density of the hatching.

      I need to go to a hatching with a density of 0,1 or even 0,01mm.


      I tried some option in DWGeditor as well but the hatching option only does it on 2D surfaces


      I also tries to project a sketch with the hatching on the surface but this doesnt work because of the open/closed profile.


      I added a pictures of my best result(but not good enough) with the face curve option.


      If anyone got a suggestion or the solution thank you for your help

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          Wesley Prins

          Was my question understandable or do i need to reformulate?


          or is there no one who knows if its possible?


          Even a "no its not possible" would help, so i could stop looking for a way to do this


          thank you

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              Charles Culp

              Create a sketch of the hatch.


              Extrude a surface-extrude from that sketch, make sure it goes through (or at least touches) the end surface.


              Insert>Curve>Split Line.


              Use the "intersection" method. Select the "G" shape as your first, and all the surfaces as your second.


              Sit back, get a drink, and hope your computer doesn't crash. This is going to take a long time.