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BOM Table loading configuration titles instead of file name

Question asked by Chris Henkhaus on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2009 by Chris Henkhaus

I have an assembly that will not populate all the file names correctly when I insert a BOM Table and it will not included all the fields that are required. I know I can add required fields but that won't work in the network I am in. I have had people in my office open the file from the company vault and they can delete the original table and when they have created a new table it populates the way it should with correct file names and correct number of columns. I've tried reloading my registries, emptying my cache, reloading sheets to the company template and have even run the Rx to try and find a problem.


I was able to figure out that in the Configuration Properties tab there is a "Bill of Material Options" tab where I can select the "Part number displayed when used in a bill of materials" to "Document Name", "Configuration Name" or "User Specified Name". The parts that do come into the BOM table I create are set to "Configuration Name" but as I said before others have been able to create the table correctly with the same file.


As far as I can tell this has to be a problem with my system or SolidWorks settings. Does anyone know if there are settings I either need to turn on/off in order for the BOM Table to call the correct BOM template and display the correct file name instead of the configuration name?


Thanks in advance!