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Intersection Sketch Tool Collector

Question asked by Mark Matthews on Sep 8, 2009

I've noticed that the behaivior of the intersection sketch tool (SW 2009) has changed from previous versions of SW. When in a 2-D sketch, and the intersection tool was selected, there was no Property Manager; you picked faces and the sketch entities created by those face's intersection with the sketch plane showed up in the graphics window. Hit the enter key and it exited the intersection command.  Now there IS a Property Manager: you pick the faces and they show up in the collector, but the sketch entities don't show up until youv'e checked the "ok" button in the Property Manager. Is this a regression? I like to see the entities created as the faces are picked.


Also, clicking the "ok" check mark does not exit the command; it just shows the created entities and clears the collector. You have to click the "cancel" cross or hit the escape key to get out of the command. Shouldn't the command be cleared when you click "ok"? or hit the "Enter"  key? This command seems counter-intuitive to the way other commands work in the software and has increased how many mouse clicks it takes to get intersection curves. It's also taken away direct feedback of what your doing.