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Routing with square or rectangular ducting

Question asked by Merry Owen on Sep 8, 2009
Latest reply on May 4, 2010 by Patrick Girvin

Many years ago we dabbled with the use of routing to do square & rectangular ductwork but came up against a few issues and stopped any further development.  The main issues were:


1.  The vertical axis of the pipe in routing is not actually vertical but at about 45 degrees.  After some trial & error we created our square & rectangular ducts with this orientation & the square duct worked OK.


2.  The rectangular duct would flip it's orientation when changing direction - from memory I think it worked OK if the bend with up or down, but the profile would flip if the bend went left or right - see attached screen shot.


Any ideas if SolidWorks have pursued this development recently or can offer some tips/work arounds to get the rectangular section to behave correctly (I had a quick play recently and it was still not working correctly).