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Toolbox Issues in Highschool Computerlab Environment

Question asked by 1-7UEHFD on Sep 7, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 8, 2009 by 1-7UEHFD

Our school (Bayview Secondary School) is in the process of installing SW 2009 Edu on our system. Consequently our school has also moved to the IBM School Connect networking system over the summer. We have installed SW on a few computers and when I opened  a file I have loaded onto our network I got the huge screws error.  I  usually fix this by manually editing the fasteners. It works on my home computer, but not on our network.


We have installed the SolidWorks data folder containing the Tool Box data locally on the C: drive of each computer in the Lab. Here I get the following errors when I try to repair a fastener.  I normally right click the toolbox item, and click "Edit toolbox definition"


Document C:\Solidworks Data\browser\Ansi Inch\Bolts and Screws\Socket Head Cap Screw_AI.SLDPRT is open for read-only access and is not available for write access. You must obtain write access to the document to complete the operation.


I did some searching within the toolbox settings, but I found nothing.How do I fix this permissions erroe?


When I logged into another machine as myself (no admin rights), I got this message:


Error. The toolbox part is being modified by another user. Please try again in a few minuites.


I was the only one on using Solidworks. I never experienced these permissions and access issues on our old Novell network.


How do I go about fixing this error?


Is this something that must be done for each student, or is this simple fix that our school site admin can do once on each computer?


Thank You


Claudio Forcolin

Technological Studies

Bayview Secondary School

905-884-4453 x523


P.S. The Huge Screws happened even though they were created with post SW 2007 files, and updated in SW 2008.