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Update blank variables to allow Mandatory Values setting

Question asked by Fred Rasmussen on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2012 by Lawrence Kiefer

In order to validate content that users enter into data cards, I would like to define some variables as Mandatory Values. If you try to set them to mandatory and there are already blank values, you get a message like this...


mandatory error.png


I had our IT DBA run a SQL update to place a non-blank value in any existing variables on my list that it finds with a blank value. The query is like this...


UPDATE VariableValue
SET ValueText='not  specified', ValueCache='not specified'

WHERE (VariableID=130 or  VariableID=132 or VariableID=143 or VariableID=146)
AND (CAST(ValueText AS nvarchar(max)) IS NULL) OR  (CAST(ValueText AS nvarchar(max))=' ')


This was effective for some variables but not for others. I am wondering if anyone has been successful setting the Mandatory constraint after blank values have been added? Can you think of what I may be missing here?


I saw a post with a suggestion to set the minimum text length to 1, but that is only available for Edit Boxes, not for ComboBoxes or Dates.