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Problem with angle dimension in 3-d sketch .

Question asked by 1-CC7SOY on Sep 8, 2009

Problem with angle dimension in 3-d sketch :


I am facing 1 problem with angular dimensions in 3-d sketch. When I give any angular dimension between 2 lines in the 3-d sketch, it behaves ok till the dimension value is between 0 deg. to 180 deg. but beyond that value dimension just flips its orientation and gives a value equal to 360deg - entered value. e.g. angular location of the any line w.r.t. other fixed line is same for the dimension value 90deg & 270 deg. Only the orientation of the dimension flips itself automatically.


I am sure many people working with 3-d sketches must have faced this issue & have some or the other solution for that. Can you suggest me any of those solutions?