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help making a brain

Question asked by Baldwin Goodell on Sep 4, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2012 by Crispin Weinberg

I have created some 3d brain models from MRI data and tried importing them into Solidworks but I am not very satisfied with the result because their native formats are mesh (STL or VRML) .  Instead I would like to instead create a Solidworks part directly.  I am making progress but it might be more work than it is worth.  I am hoping some experienced users can advise me if I should even pursue this project or offer suggestions to improving my method.


My progress so far includes:

I first imported MRI jpegs into SW and traced splines around the images and then lofted them together.  As you may know the brain has a very complex surface and I tried to loft detailed spline sections but SW would only allow me to create a very smooth loft instead.  So now I am forced to make cuts for each sulcus.  I have drawn 3d splines on the surface where the major sulci should be.  I think I now need to create planes along these splines and draw closed splines to create individual lofted cuts for each sulcus but this seems like a daunting task.  I did one sulcus this way and it does not look very good.  It would be nice to smooth the edges of the cut.

I attached my part and a picture of what I want as a final result.

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PS.  When I did a search through the forum for "brain", I got a lot of references to "brain fart" but nothing related to a model of a brain.