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Measure Error in E-Drawings

Question asked by 1-6C0O4J on Sep 3, 2009

We have SW 2009 SP4.1 and E-Drawings 2009 SP4.1


We have found a "bug" with the measure tool.


For our SW designers that use the core SW 2009 module. We have brand new 64bit, Quad-Core Dell PC's with 4 megs of RAM.  Those are not the issue.


For the rest of the company which includes (30) non-Solidworks (view only) PC's these are the consumers of the CAD data.  In this (group) we have found a problem with E-Drawings measure that we have never seen before.  In all the previous releases 2005-2008 this worked fine.


When clicking on the "Measure" tool and selecting 2 edges(for example, could be any combination of measureable entities)  E-Drawings would normaly display a leader line containing a text box with the measured value.  All we get is a box with a garbled bunch of text.  The small box where the text is resembles a TV that can't get a station in, or your monitor if you set your video card to an incompatible resolution.  However, almost laughable, its only limited to the small box where the dimension is. HOWEVER, the list of X,Y,Z dimesion values is listed below the measure tool, but having the dimension on the picture was much easier for our view only users.


I've contacted my VAR and they are pulling their hair out trying to solve this and I think have forwarded it to SW tech support and we are waiting for an answer so I'm trying to speed up the solutions process.


The view-only PC's are older machines themselves and most have integrated video cards. They are IBM ThinkCenters and WebVista machines. Our first thought was "the video cards are outdated".  This is not true.  The reason is some of the exact same models, with exact same video cards, and exact same video driver versions will display the dimension correctly.  So if it were hardware incompatibility I would expect no that all PC's with identical hardware and drivers would not work. The one difference we did find was that one PC has XP SP2.0 and the other, that measures flawlessly, has XP SP3.0.


The NetVista PC's have the visual issue as explained above. The one ThinkCentre machine crashes Edrawings when trying to measure.