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    More questions about title blocks.

      I would like to know that is if it is possible to get the file name imported into the title block.  We use PDMWorks and say that I’m on Revision C but I have made changes to this Revision several times.  So, in PDMWorks the file is Rev C.06.  I want the .06 to show up in my title block when the model and drawing have been approved.  When the trigger approved is switched it will up date the drawing title block.


      Also, is there a way to get SolidWorks and PDMWorks to create a PDF and send it to a preset network drive?
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          Troy Peterson

          You will need a macro to do both of your requests.


          The PDF see https://forum.solidworks.com/message/113286#113286


          For concatenating your rev you will need to see if someone has already written a macro like that or ar willing to create one for you. Try posting in the API forum.


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            Matthew Lorono

            A file name in the title block is easy.  Create a field in the title block for file name.  Then create an annotation note with the link to the file name.  This will use the drawing's file name.


            It would seem from what you are saying, you are renaming files based on revision?  If you are using any sort of PDM, you really shouldn't be renaming files based on revision.  A major point of using a PDM is so that you don't have to mess around with file names and revisions.  The software trax all that for you.


            To see how PDMWorks can handle revision rolling, check out the lifecycles function.  It's not very comprehensive, but you may be able to use it for something.  For control and automation in revision, you'll need something like Enterprise PDM.


            To get PDMWorks to do anything automatic outside of vault functions, you'll need to use run an SQL server, set up notifications, and create macros or scripts.  Newer versions of PDMWorks create PDF's automatically.  However, since you are calling it "PDMWorks" and not "PDM Workgroups", I'm assuming you do not have one of those newer versions.