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Monitor Issue

Question asked by Whit Smith on Sep 2, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2009 by John Lhuillier

I am having trouble running dual monitors with SW2009.  Long story so bear with me.  I use to run dual monitors with no problems in clone mode.  Everytime I would try to run the monitors independently from each other depending on the location of SW I would have different problems.  If it was on the laptop (primary) display then it would hang up and be jerky, especially while editing text.  When it was on the external monitor, regardless if set to primary or not, I would get the SW window that shows the toolbars but when I open a drawing or model nothing is displayed, the model/ drawing opens but the only thing I see is the basic toolbars and the gray part of the screen.  A few weeks ago while in clone mode the monitors started flashing, like a loose connection.  Then eventually the external monitor failed and shut off, just a black screen.  The monitor was replaced and the problem remained.  The cable was changed from DVI to VGA and still it remained.  After that the latest display driver was downloaded from SW and installed.  The flashing screen stopped, but only while running the monitors in 16 bit color mode.  Aside from all that I wanted to continue to run in clone mode because I knew that use to work flawlessly and dual view just wasnt going to happen.  Now in clone mode SW is hanging up and jerking like it was in dual view.  I have basically given up and decided to stick with just the laptop screen.  Im not sure if its a driver issue, graphics card issue or a SW issue.  On top of that the IT dept doesnt have a clue either and said the only other thing to do would be to re-image my hard drive, and thats a last resort that they really dont want to do.  I know this post is a little lengthy but I was hoping someone from here could help.  Thanks.


Current System:

XP Pro 64Bit

Dell M6300 Laptop

Intel Core Extreme CPU X9000@2.80 GHz

2.79 GHz, 4.00 GB RAM

Quadro FX 1600M w/ Latest SW certified driver

Samsung SyncMaster 2443 external monitor, currently running VGA

Solidworks 2009