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Edgebend feature warning(s)

Question asked by Gabe Biertzer on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Wyatt Shallbetter

I have been testing the idea of providing a range of bend angles (0°-180°) within a K-factor bend table.  For now, the "test" table contains 2 thicknesses 7ga and 26ga where the 7ga has a K-factor that is different from that of the 26ga.  It works well, with the exception of a SW warning that is either intended, is a bug or is caused by user error.


When I apply the "test" table to a new 7ga or 26ga sheet metal part using SW09 SP4.1, I get a warning on the "Edgebend" features within the tree.  I simply RMB on the parent feature of the "Edgebend" and select "Edit Feature."  I do not actually change the feature at all.  Instead, I select the "OK" button to exit the command.  After picking "OK" the model tree warnings disappear without actually changing a thing.


I've included screen captures of the warning in the formed and flat configurations.  I've also included a screen capture of the formed configuration after "tricking" SolidWorks into dismissing the message.  The "test" K-factor bend table is attached too.


The same warning pops-up on the "Edgebends" in the flat pattern configuration (within the flat pattern feature) that SolidWorks automatically generates upon instantiating the model view or view pallette within a drawing.  I have had more difficulty finding a process/workaround for dismissing the warning in the flat configuration.  In fact, there are cases where I cannot trick the system into dismissing the warning and am stuck with it.


Has anyone come across this in applying a customized K-factor table(s) to a part?  Any ideas what might be causing it and how to avoid it?