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can we control the position of the origin of the new part in top-down?

Question asked by Naveen Chaitanya on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by Kelvin Lamport

hello all


i am designing an assembly in  top-down  approach.


when i create a new part within the assembly, it asks for a plane, and

let us say, i select  the front plane of the assembly file.


the new part is created, and the origin of the part coinsides with the origin of the assembly.


is there any way, in which we can deside where the origin of the new part should fall, while  the part itself is being created?


i mean, if i want the origin of the new part, and the origin of the assembly at an offset of say....100 mm in x, and 50 mm in y direction.


((((( ofcourse we can supress the inplace mate and position the part wherever we want.))))))


hope you understand my question.


or else, i can make an attachment with a detailed discription of my question.


thanking you