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The support & upgrade trap. How is it for you?

Question asked by Simon Brooke on Sep 1, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 22, 2010 by Simon Brooke

I am sure I am not alone and many will know this story. But, I too would like to ask, have I missed something or is there something really not quite right? If it's not just me, please SolidWorks, once and for all, sort out this mess!


  1. You have some trivial issue with SolidWorks.
  2. You call your VAR who says, "We can't help unless you have the latest service pack. And we do know that service pack x fixes the problem."
  3. No amount of trying the installation manager/manual downloads gets you the files you want. You've already jumped through all the hoops to try and get your browser to download the files - firewall down, trusted sights, anti-virius off, no download limits etc. You work your way down the list of manual downloads but, one or two files (same ones, every time) - not the biggest, not the smallest, not start, nor end of the list, nothing special about their filenames, session after session, night or day, rain or shine - might download but will definitely not expand.
  4. The VAR gives you a service pack x to y upgrade disk which you try to install, but off it goes to the internet again. To get a piddly little file, which, as you expected, downloads but fails to expand.
  5. The VAR says he can't give you a complete installation disk until he receives one from SolidWorks, through the post. Possibly weeks and weeks away.
  6. Eventually one of your enthusiastic users manages to download the missing files from home and you limp through, what should be a slick upgrade. "Limp", because your VAR told you, you have to give up the license, un-install SolidWorks, turn off the AV, login as god (not just a domain administrator) and re-install. But DON'T use the transfer settings wizard-it can't be trusted between versions - oh no - write down the dozens of settings you are about to lose.
  7. You go round to the ten other machines and limp through their upgrades. You simply don't have time to learn how to do an admin image as you are for ever trying to escape this vicious circle..
  8. Sometimes, your problem is solved, provided you can remember what it was. But always, a new one will pop up. At which point your VAR tells you, you need the latest service pack; only just released...


The sequence and problems aren't always the same, but it's rarely smooth. In particular, though, I can't get the downloads to work and if I ask my "enthusiastic user" how come he was able to download the files, he doesn't know; it just works.


I would appreciate your thoughts.


I still love SolidWorks (once it's installed)!