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    Simulation using sketch patterns

      is this possible?  i'll give a brief explanation of what i'm going for here.  i work at a company that designs test fixtures for circuit boards and we are trying to run some stress analysis tests.  each board is pressed down by using push downs, which push it down in order for the test pads on the circuit board to make contact with the probes underneath.  we are trying to simulate this, but i need to be able to use sketch patterns (or some kind of pattern) to do this, as there can be literally thousands of probes per board.  any way to do this?  if more info is needed it i will gladly give it...thanks in advance
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          Joe Galliera

          If each "push down" is an area, then it would be best to create a Wrap feature to split the single surface into multiple surfaces with one sketch.  If the "push down" can be assumed to be a point load, then you can apply loads at reference points.


          Wrap feature: Insert > Features > Wrap and choose "Scribe"as the wrap parameter.  Note: Only one surface can be split with a wrap.


          For those of you not doing multiple splits with a single sketch, then use a Split Line feature (Insert > Curve > Split Line).