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    Bolt Connectors through slots

      Hopefully someone can shed some light on this subject -- I'm running non-linear dynamic analyses on some sheet metal parts with slotted bolt holes, and I need to analyze the bolt stresses on the part.  I've tried adding washers to the assembly, then using the circular edges of the washers for the bolt and nut faces, but it really slows down my study.  Slotted bolt holes aren't uncommon so I assume that SolidWorks has the ability to simulate a bolt, but I'm not sure how.  Thanks,



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          Alternatively, can I convert bolts from an assembly to bolt connections in a simulation?  If so, I can constrain the bolt to the middle of the slot in the assembly and apply a bolt preload during the simulation pre-processing.  Along with appropriate friction and no penetration constraints, I would think that method may accurately represent a bolted slotted connection.