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Toolbox database screw length error? Or sort error?

Question asked by Jay Tuttle on Aug 28, 2009

I was in the process of customizing the Toolbox, after reading the document "Understanding Toolbox" written by Sal Lama.  As you can see by my attachment, under Socket Head Screws>Socket Button Heac Cap Screws #0-80 first item  = .625 in length!  Is it not sorted correctly or is the length suppose to be 0.0625"???  I think it could be a sorting problem, which is no big deal.  But what a curve ball!  This is the same issue with #1 and #2 sizes on the same fastener.  (Note that I only have Hex for drive type and Simplified for thread display for this standard.)


This also occurs in the Socket Countersunk Head Cap Scew, size #0 only.  I don't know if there are other errors, so BEWARE when customizing!


What gives Sal?


8/31/09 - Image updated


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