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    Coordinates on exported DXF files

    Eric Snyder

      I have a circle in a sketch on an assembly. It's center x/y coordinate is 1.5" x 1.5". I create a drawing and on the drawing the center of the circle is still 1.5" x 1.5". I save the drawing as a DXF file and the center coordinate changes to something close but definitely different like 2.13465915" x 0.9841265". I know this because I have reloaded the DXF file and measured it using two different software packages.


      The coordinate is used on the laser as a point to shrink the geometry around so it needs to be accurately known. Any ideas where this coordinate is getting hosed up?

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          Eric Snyder

          I figured some of it out. Here is a 1" diameter circle who's center is at 2", 2".


          I inserted that into an assembly and inserted that assembly into a drawing. It looks like this:


          Notice the blue dashed line? I can drag that model around anywhere I want. If I select the measure command and measure the center of that circle it tells me that it is at 2", 2" no matter where I drag the blue model around on the drawing. In other words, any measure you do will be as if the lower left corner of the blue box is the origin.


          When I output a DXF file the coordinates are output with the lower left corner of the paper (the tan area) as the origin rather than the blue boundary. If I drag the model somewhere else the coordinates change. The DXF coordinates are dependant upon where you place the model.


          I either need to control where that model is placed by making sure the boundary (the blue line) is at 0,0 or be able to measure the center of the circle relative to the paper. Any ideas?