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    Graphics issues on complex models

    Kevin De Smet

      When I have complex models, I often get weird shading in my viewport.


      Specifications: NVIDIA Quadro FX 3500

      I do have drivers dating back from 2006, are there known issues with older drivers and Solidworks 2009 SP4.1?


      Here is a screenshot:



      I would like to add that, doing a rebuild refreshes the screen and fixes it up almost always, however when I hover my mouse over geometry with the pre-selection highlighting or I rotate/pan around it goes back to trouble.

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          Charles Culp

          I have (almost) the same video card. I get plenty of abborations when I have a very complex part. Inverted faces are usually caused by bad models, though.


          I typically have issues of textures not applying properly, parts turning completly black, and shading getting messed up enough that it is no longer even "shading", just turning my part strange gray colors. I have just ignored these and move on.


          I have had these issues since I received this computer in Dec 2007, which all releases and all drivers.

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            Larry Burton

            I have the same card and since April of 2008, I have tried (19) drivers from version 84.26 - 182.67 (what I am currently running). I ,and (1) other system have had issues like you have shown and worse, but (2) other systems here work fine and have not had any issues. The only difference in the systems is the number of monitors... the systems with problems are dual monitor, the others singles.


            Are you guys running single or dual monitors?

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              Matt Lombard

              That kind of error usually means you've got some sort of geometry error. That particular lantern model is one of mine, but models do unexpected stuff in newer versions.


              Anyway, I'd be willing to bet that if you check with VOR/CtrlQ or Tools, Check, you'll find that there is something wrong somewhere.


              That graphics card is probably in the obsolete heap right now. Between 2007 and 2009, SW has obsoleted hardware at an incredibly fast rate.