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Debugging Addins / Extra Reference Material

Question asked by Jeremy Schmidt on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2011 by Lee CS Young

Two questions:


1) Debugging Addins: I saw some other discussions on the subject, but never found an answer on how to debug an addin with Visual Studio.  I am using the addin debug functionality in PDM, and I see that you can use notepad or explorer, but what does this get you?  My application is just breaking and I can't tell why.  It would be nice to step through it in Visual Studio.


2) Extra Reference Material: Does anyone know of any obtainable reference material for Enterprise PDM API other than the help file?  I know that others agree that the help files are somewhat lacking and outdated.  I would be willing to pay for it if necessary.  As others have stated, for someone new to VB and the API, there isn't much to go on.


Thanks for your help.