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What is the advantage to using "Categories" instead of a variable?

Question asked by Ben Kalinowski on Aug 27, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 27, 2009 by Ben Kalinowski

I'm currently working on gettting another block of Engineering's files into Enterprise.  One avenue being considered is to have one main folder called 'jobinfo' with 13 sub folders (ie. Job Change, Pricing Worksheets, Manuals, etc.) and using meta data to perform look-ups and return reports as needed.


I need to define what the file types are as they are saved in these folders and I have created a DocType variable which will be set either by the user or a workflow.  Then I remembered we have an option called Categories, which I've never used.  I've tried, but it seems pretty rigid in being required and not easily modified once it is set for a file.


Did I have a bad experience with Categories my first time and they are useful?  Do others use them with great results?  I'm at a point where I could implement them but I'd like some feedback from others.