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PDMWorks Search - Duplicate Results

Question asked by Richard Crawford on Aug 27, 2009
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Can anyone assist with the following please?:

We have a 2007 SW and PDMWorks system. When we search in the vault for a number, only unique results of files (eg part files) appear as search results. When we search for the same within the webportal, either the search portal or the classic variant, we get a listing of every occurance in the vault of said files - I guess each time the same part appears as a reference in a different model, or a  drawing as a link in a different project folder. The result is that it's not always obvious which file is the right one to open to production personnel for example. Is there a way to ensure that only unique results appear (and ideally perhaps to also prevent some file types from coming up as the result of a search?

Thanks in advance!


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