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Admin images and new product licenses

Question asked by Jim Sculley on Aug 26, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2009 by Matt Feider

Our department has grown to the point that admin images now make life easier.  Frankly, I should have started using then several years ago.  Starting with SP 4.1 I rolled out an admin image and all went well (except for the problematic security issue when trying to click an install link from inside Outlook).  Our growth has also led to 4 new standalone SW licenses, 2 network SW licenses, and 1 network license of Simulation Professional.   I now have a couple of questions.


First, is there are way to roll out the Simulation installation after the 4.1 rollout has already taken place?  I tried a couple of different approaches, with no success.  The last thing I tried was creating a new SP0 image that included Simulation.  I then tried to upgrade that image to SP 4.1 but the Installation Manager stated that the Simulation files are not available for download and the only way to proceed would be to deselect them, which I assume would result in an image identical to the original 4.1 image I created.


Second, can I create one admin image that covers both the standalone and network licenses?  I assume that I can enter the network license in the admin options editor for those machines that are meant to use the network licenses, but rather than spending a half hour at a time making images and then testing them, I thought I would ask here to see if someone else has a mixed environment like this.


My dream would be to have one image that can also handle x64 and x32 installations, since we have both types of users, but I assume that I need a minimum of two separate images to handle this scenario.


Jim S.