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    pressure loading transfer to structural simulation....

    Noel Rodes
      I have a wind loading flow simulation that is running pretty well.  I want to use the pressure loading in a structural simulation.  Can this be done?  How?
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          Joe Galliera

          This is all spelled out in the Help:


          Exporting Results to SolidWorks Simulation
          You can export absolute total pressure and static temperature (gas temperature near the model wall as well as solid temperature) results from Flow Simulation to Simulation (version 2004 or higher) so that static and buckling studies can be conducted for a structural design analysis of your device.


          To export results to Simulation:


          Click Flow Simulation, Tools, Export Results to Simulation. Flow Simulation will traverse over all model surfaces and make the fluid parameters available for Simulation.


          Save the model. You must save the model each time you export results. When you perform exporting results, no export file is created but the model itself is modified.


          NOTE: In fact, while exporting, Flow Simulation simply marks surfaces that will be used by Simulation for importing the fluid analysis results. Thus, you can perform this operation before the calculation but make sure that all surface related conditions (boundary conditions, fans, sources, etc.) and component related conditions (component control settings, initial conditions, etc.) do not change the reference surface after exporting is done (e.g. you can change the value of the boundary condition but not the surface where it is applied).


          Lastly, make sure that you apply the Flow Simulation effects in the Simulation structural study.