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Need urgent advice for a pipe wrench FEA

Question asked by 1-HISDYY on Aug 25, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by Derek Bishop

Hi all


I'm doing a stress analysis on a new design solid grip wrench. As you can see in the pic attached, this wrench is made of a handle and 3 jaws that are connected together with three pins. The wrench has four Tungsten inserts which grip the pipe and are soldered to the jaws. The load is applied to the handle.

I've made a few assumptions before doing the analysis and I want to know if these assumptions are valid.

1. Because the inserts are made of Tungsten I'm considering them as rigid bodies in my study.

2. I've fixed the inner surface of tungsten inserts where they grip the pipe.

3. Bonded contact sets were defined between inserts and jaws.


I should say that I can't run a non-linear study here (we don't have the product). By increasing the load in some stages the program asks me to turn the "large displacement flag" on. However, by doing this the program fails to calculate the results. The average resulting stresses are still below yield point but I can't go any further. I have also a hot spot on one edge next to one of the inserts with a fairly large stress.


Could you please let me know if I'm on the right path?