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Question asked by Chris Freshman on Aug 25, 2009
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When using the toolbox drag and drop feature, once you have selected the correct size and legnth etc, a new configuration is created within the original screw part. within the properties of this configuration there is a "bill of materials option" where 'User specified name' is selected and a description is shown, for example; 'ISO 4762 M6 x 16 --- 16N'


Does anybody know where solidworks references, 'ISO 4762 M6 x 16 --- 16N' when it creates the new configuration, whether its a .txt file saved somewhere or a property within the part i can't find, or a toolbox property


Im looking to change 'ISO 4762 M6 x 16 --- 16N' , to 'CAPSCREW M6 x 16 --- 16N', so that when a table is greated ina  drawing of the screws that appears as the part number/description


Hopefully I have explained myself clearly, if not i will clarify