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    Block definition will not stay linked

    Jay Tuttle

      In all my custom drwdot files, I have a title block (Title Block.sldblk) with 28 attributes.  If I click on the block while in Edit Sheet Format mode, I can see that the link checkbox is enabled and that it is pointing to the proper file location.  This directory is also set under System Options - File Locations.  At this point, everything is fine.  (I also save the drwdot via File>Save Sheet Format.)


      The problem arises when I need to perform a "Sheet Properties" and select a different format!  When the new format displays, the Title Block under the Blocks folder does not show the link symbol "->".  Like I said previously, ALL of my drwdot files are linked to the same Title Block.sldblk.  So why is this happening?  Am I doing something wrong or has this been a problem with SW 09 SP4?


      I should also mention that if I open the slddrt file directly, it shows the Title Block.sldblk under the block folder unlinked.  Linking this block and resaving the slddrt file has no effect either.  What gives?


      UPDATE:  This problem has been confirmed by my local VAR and by Corporate.  A development project has been created to resolve it.  Meanwhile, blocks will not be able to be linked in multiple slddrt files.


      REF: SPR515397

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          Josh Brady

          Looks like a block on a sheet format can't be linked.  I'm not sure if it's a bug, limitation, or intended behaviour.


          My guess would be limitation.  You could try submitting as an SPR, but I'm guessing it'll end up as an ER.  Probably won't happen, but you can give it a shot.  My guess is that SW and its file structure are already set up for drawing documents to have links to external documents.

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              Jay Tuttle
              Thanks for the input.  I've proposed this problem to my VAR but I haven't heard back yet.  I was wondering how most people handle their title blocks.  Do most use plain text and/or property links w/o using blocks?  The reason I wanted to link a block to the sheet format is to have the updates available automatically when changes are made to the Title Block.sldblk.  Our company logo is going to change soon and I also have a yearly text date that gets changed annually.  It would be nice to make these changes once instead of changing every sheet format independently.