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Block definition will not stay linked

Question asked by Jay Tuttle on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2009 by Jay Tuttle

In all my custom drwdot files, I have a title block (Title Block.sldblk) with 28 attributes.  If I click on the block while in Edit Sheet Format mode, I can see that the link checkbox is enabled and that it is pointing to the proper file location.  This directory is also set under System Options - File Locations.  At this point, everything is fine.  (I also save the drwdot via File>Save Sheet Format.)


The problem arises when I need to perform a "Sheet Properties" and select a different format!  When the new format displays, the Title Block under the Blocks folder does not show the link symbol "->".  Like I said previously, ALL of my drwdot files are linked to the same Title Block.sldblk.  So why is this happening?  Am I doing something wrong or has this been a problem with SW 09 SP4?


I should also mention that if I open the slddrt file directly, it shows the Title Block.sldblk under the block folder unlinked.  Linking this block and resaving the slddrt file has no effect either.  What gives?


UPDATE:  This problem has been confirmed by my local VAR and by Corporate.  A development project has been created to resolve it.  Meanwhile, blocks will not be able to be linked in multiple slddrt files.


REF: SPR515397