Multiple text configs

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 4, 2006
I'm using SolidWorks Office Professinal 2007 and I have same problem.

Here is what i posted elsewhere:

I have made a maker for a terminalblock. My problem is the number/tekst i like to print on the marker.
I used "sketch tekst" to make the number/tekst and then "wrap-scribe" it on to the surface of the part/marker. It worked, but i needed alot of markers with defferent numbers. Then i made configurations. In order to make it work i had to make a new wrap-feature for each configuration with the new number/tekst i needed. I don't think that's the best way to do it. It's alot of features if i have makers with number 1-1000..

How do i easely manage the numbers/teksts on the marker...? Is it possible to do it though a designtable...?

Or are there any other way to write tekst on a surface without using a feature..?