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SolidWorks refuses to start with WACOM installed

Question asked by 1-CPTR7C on Aug 24, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by Tony Szuta



I bought a Wacom Bamboo a time ago, and everything works perfect besides the problem that Solid Works doesn't stat after I installed it. Have tried several times and it is allways the same.If I unistall it SW works again.


I can use the wacom without using the installation CD (and SW works) but then I cant setup the wacom the way I want, it only works as a basic mouse.


No change if I just unplug the wacom. I have to uninstall everything to get SW to work. All it says at startup is that it encountered a problem and needs to close.


Anyone experienced the same. The annoying thing is that I doesn´t use the wacom in SW, just in Photoshop.


I use SW 2008 x64 SP5.0 in Vista64.


cheers johan