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    create points along a spline for tolerance



      What I am trying to do is create points along a spline based off of a tolerance.  I have looked in the create refrence points, and in there we have 3 options for along a line of :distance, percentage, or evenly distributed.  I have also tried in the "simplify spline' by lowering the tolerance to add more points, but I can lower the tolerance significantly and it will only add 2 points to the spline.  I want to use these extra points to drive a robot, so I need many more points then what is given to us, and I will need many points along a tight curve while I only need end points for a straight line.

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          Wesley Prins

          I'm afraid i don't enterily understand your question, but i can suggest some things in the hope it helps you.


          What i understood is that you wants to create point along a spline? and they have to have a certain distance between them, based on the tolerance?


          What i frequently use for our robot programmers is


          "fit spline" to make sure the differents lines become one complete line.


          followed insert point, distance and the number of point you like, or add till the line is full.


          i added a screenshot, hope it helps.