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    Surface Boundary Issue

    Jason Aspinall

      Following on from a question I raised the other day, I thought I'd solved the problem, but sadly not.  The attached part shows the boundary surface, with two additional surface fills currently surpressed.  The issue I have is that the boundary surface command appears to be creating an additional segment i my model I do not require.  Because it's there, I believe it's causing later problems when I come to splitting the model into two new files, to shell out (typical 2.5mm wall).


      Ideally I would like to shell the model before splitting it.


      Can anyone see why Solidworks is creating this segment? (Annotated in the model) If so, how can I remove it?

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          Can you clarify "appears to be creating an additional segment i my model I do not require"?  Everything looks to be in order from what I can see.


          Update - never mind, I see what you're talking about now - the segmentation that occurs in the first and last profile boundary.





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              Jim Sculley

              One of the 'side' surfaces has two edges at each end.  The other has 1 per end.


              Is this perhaps because a boundary surface is not meant to form closed shape?  I'm not a surfacing guru, so I don't know.


              Jim s.

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                Jason Aspinall

                Well, yes...the segmentation is on the first and last boundary, however, it only appears on one side too, not the opposite short edge.


                What controls where this split, if necessary, occurs?


                I believe the segmentation is the controlling factor that's causing my subsequent shelling problems from the two parts created from splitting this model...One side shells fine, the other goes crazy.  For this to be the case, while the split function is on the mid-plane of the parent model, the child parts cannot possibly be identical (as you would expect from a mid-plane split).


                Surfacing guru answers welcomed...surfacing as such is way out of my comfort zone


                If needed I can upload the child parts from this so you can see the shelling woes I'm experiencing...