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    Surface part to sheet metal

    Ed Sacha

      I have problem to transfer this part from surfacing to sheet metal


      I do not know how to flat it


      Maybe somebody of You can do it with explanation please

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          langgeng hidayat
          I think by the time you make a lofted process, please you try use lofted-bend command lofted-bend.bmp. The only permitted to sketch is located on the planar surface, not for 3D sketch. And also the end of the plate stretched out must be a flat surface. Even if your drawing can stretched out, so the end result of your plate can't be a flat surface.
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            Matt Lombard

            You can create a lofted bend feature using Sketch2 and 3DSketch1. It is not true that you can't use a 3D sketch for a lofted bend feature. You can't use your 3D sketch, but you can fix it so it works. Just edit the 3D sketch, right click on one of the sketch elements and select chain, then use the Fit Spline tool in the Spline Tools menu. Don't use any guide curves in the lofted bend, because you can't, and it doesn't need them for what you're doing. The result flattens out.


            By the way, stop using the Fixed constraint for everything, it's not helping you out.