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    Exporting csv files of a motion study

    James Wakefield



      I am working in collaboration with another company who use Motion Analyzer from Rockwell Automation, this software allows the sizing of servo drives by taking information from a Motion Study in the form of a csv file. I have provided the company with an assembly that we are interested in analyzing, although we do not have the capability to perform a full motion analysis the other company does.


      The assembly consists of a shaft with pulley, mounting disc and a blade along with balance weights etc. My initial thoughts were to bring this assembly into another assembly and mate it about an axis and one of the planes, this worked fine and the other company were able to perform a motion analysis. The problem arose when they tried to import the csv file into their software. The following error was received "Could not find part of the path C:\ etc......\Temp\Angular Vel1980032-1/1980007-1.csv


      The 1980032 is the shaft assembly that I placed within another top level assembly the 1980007 is the shaft contained within 1980032 that the motor is applied to, this could qually be applied to any other part contained within the assembly.


      The guy using the software said he should only have 1 number in there i.e. 1980032.


      We then tried performing a motion study within the shaft assmebly (1980032) with no luck as SolidWorks through up errors.


      Any ideas suggestions would be greatly received.





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          John Sutherland

          SW Motion Analysis exports only result plots, not the model, in csv format.


          I does export the model as ADAMS input files.  These are plain text, and you can figure out whether they are complete and the key values correct.


          The Rockwell product may well be an interface to ADAMS, as I think is SW Motion Analysis.


          Your question is very confusing to me.  You should skip the details and explain the fundamentals of what you are trying to do.

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              James Wakefield

              Hi John


              Sorry if it was a bit confusing I never know how much information to include. The main problem is with the csv file, Motion Analyzer software uses the results plot.


              When he comes to import the csv files into Motion Analyzer he gets the error message deatiled below "could not find C\:" etc He has tried remaining the file when he saves it but is not allowed to do so. He seems to think the file extension should not contain the 2 numbers which are the file names.



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                  John Sutherland

                  As I understand it, you have modelled a mechanism and plotted a parameter which was evaluated by a motion analysis.


                  That parameter will be used to design a servo controller to drive your mechanism.


                  The name of the csv plot file is no more significant than your name or your dog's name.  If the guy at the other end does not know how to rename a file then this is definitely a case of the blind leading the blind.  You should rename the file to rover.csv, or whatever your dog's name is, and send it to him.  His software might be an old DOS application, so limit your file name to 8 alphabetics.csv.  So Rover.csv and Spot.csv will be OK; but Bartholomew.csv won't.


                  I think this will solve your problem.