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Question asked by Mike Lydon on Aug 20, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2009 by Pete Farnham

I have posted once or twice on this forum about Excel and SW not playing nice. We are running XP32 and Office 2003. We have had a problem with Excel and SW not playing nice since the first install of SW2005. No one seems to want to admit to this problem. I have mentioned it to past and present VAR's, and the response is "what problem?" Well, Exel crashed, AGAIN, only this time it totally hosed my settings. My toolbars disappeared. No problem, restored the settings, guess what? Either I didn't save them properly or something else got hosed, because all I got was the default SW setup with the Command manager. So.... I load up some common toolbars, SAVE THE SETTINGS, and SW crashed. Restored the settings, all is good. I'm working on a small assembly. I open a part in the assembly, and LO! all my toolbars disappear. Switch to the assembly, they are back. Also have the DimXpertManager active in the part file. How do I get my toolbars to show up in the part??? How do I get rid of the DimXpertManager??? I am not being very productive today and I am not very happy. Can someone please offer some suggestion how to get back my toolbars. I do not believe I have to set up toolbars separately for parts and assemblies. Attached are screen shots of a part and an assembly to illustrate my problem. The toolbar that shows on the part screen shot was added by me.


Mike Lydon