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"View" link in notifications not working

Question asked by Megan Fannon on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 20, 2009 by Megan Fannon

I did a search of the forums and of the knowledge base and didn't find any references to this problem, but maybe someone can help me out.


We are using EPDM 2009 SP 3 with the hotfix.  We use email (Outlook) for our notifications.  For notifications regarding Solidworks files, the "View" link is supposed to open the file in eDrawings.  When that link is clicked, we get eDrawings opening but an error message as pictured in the attached image.  The text that shows up when I hover over the link in the email is "blocked::conisio://VCI Vault/view?projectid=927&documentid=617&objecttype=1"  (the projectid and documentid are different for different files, of course).  All of the other links also start with "blocked" and they all work fine, so I don't think that's it.


We are able to open the file in eDrawings through the vault view, just not through the email.


Any suggestions?