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toolbox custom properties

Question asked by Jon Arendt on Aug 19, 2009

Hello All;


I am in the process of applying custom properties to some of our toolbox parts so that the part number and description come out on the BOM on a drawing to meet our standard. The majority of the time I am able to make it work, but on occasion I get a configuration that just will not update no matter how I try. The custom properties remain blank in the left side of the screen - If I attempt to populate them, they are not saved. If I open the file and manually edit the configuration, the info will remain there until 'edit toolbox definition' is used on that config, then that config will lose it's set properties. I even tried deleting the configuration in question, but when it gets re-created the same thing happens again. Seems to me that these custom properties should either always work or never work, not be inconsistent. Was just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and knows of a fix. Using 2009 SP3.0 on XP 32bit platform..


Thanks in Advance,

Jon Arendt