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some simple mate questions

Question asked by 1-H85BZU on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2009 by Wayne Tiffany

Seeking input on best mate practices.


As you can see, what we've got here is a sheet metal pan with three fuorescents (along with associated sockets and starters). The pins on the sockets snap into holes in the flanges on the pan. Looking for the most trouble-free way to do this.


I think this amounts to a "top down" vs. "bottom up" kind of question.


Could I lock down the lamps with distance mates and let the pins on the sockets drive the holes in the pan?


Should I put the holes in the pan and do concentric mates with the pins on the sockets?


Right now I have one instance of the mated lamp/socket/starter with a linear and circular pattern producing the other two.



-Jim Hart