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STEP conversion takes forever and has errors

Question asked by Chris Mellen on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Oct 28, 2009 by Lenny Bucholz

I have been trying to save an assembly file as a STEP AP203 file.  I was finally able to get it converted, but it took 1hr 40min.  I then sent it to my client who wanted to forward it on to his suppliers.  His tested it out by importing it into ProE, but was not successful.  The program hung and never imported all the way.  He sent me a log file that indicated the STEP file was importing with many errors (this log file is attached).  I don't know know if the original files are corrupted somehow (they seem to be built robustly) or if there is a bug in the SW that's preventing a good STEP file conversion.  I'm wondering if others have been having similar issues when trying to convert to STEP (or even IGES - I don't know if a problem with IGES conversion would be related).  The files I'm converting (all assembly files and part files) add up to about 170MB.  I don't think that's too humongous to work with, but I could be wrong.  If anyone has any input, I would appreciate it.  Thanks!