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Recommended technique for living-hinge design?

Question asked by Christopher Thompson on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2009 by Kevin Quigley

What method do you typically use to design a living hinge in SolidWorks (ex: case with lid & tray)? Here are some SolidWorks links on the topic:


·         Modeling method for complex 'live hinge' part?:


·         "Flexing" plastic latches and living hinges:



As SolidWorks has the multi-body feature, two multi-bodies could be joined by a thin feature controlled by the sketch, or a loft between the two bodies. I found this tip ( in the Pro-E profiles magazine which could be applied in a similar method to SolidWorks models.


I am wondering how other SolidWorks users model living hinges in the part models and why they use that specific technique (ex: model stability, easier for part redesign, etc.).


BTW, I have Matt Lombard's surfacing book, and the "Joining of Plastics" handbook which contains a chapter on desiging living hinges.