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Migration from DBWorks to EPDM

Question asked by 1-KIB6J2 on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2011 by Andries Koorzen

Long story short, I left a job where I used/administered DBWorks and joined a company where I used/administered Enterprise PDM.  Now I am back with the DBWorks company, but (mainly) due to the weak web access capabilities of DBWorks, I am proceeding with a migration to Enterprise PDM.


Out of the box, DBWorks provides for a ‘cascading’ category part numbering scheme (if you so choose), which worked well to satisfy the needs of the folks who wanted our part numbers to “mean something” to non-CAD users.  With three such category levels and alpha designators, that provides for 26^3 combinations of categories (minus the occasional offensive three-letter combination), each with a serialized 5-digit number behind it.


The VAR’s implementation quote has a considerable chunk of time and money quoted for the programming to emulate this category/serial number assignment.  My argument is that as a competing product to DBWorks, they should be able to utilize SolidWorks resources or other VAR’s experiences to present alternative solutions that are comparable and financially feasible, without requiring us to completely change our numbering scheme.


Does anyone have any experience or advice that you could lend in this matter?  Possible solutions so far:

-Pay the VAR to custom program a part number assignment script and admin tool (probably rather expensive).

-Continue to use DBWorks to assign numbers, and somehow send them to EPDM (messy, not desired).

-Create serialized numbers for the 160 (or so) assigned categories and when the need arises for more, create them one at a time.


Thanks in advance,