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Photoview 360 doing weird things

Question asked by 1-LJ9CSW on Aug 19, 2009
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2009 by 1-LJ9CSW

Hey Guys


I know this is not going to be support but here's my story any way. I have installed Solidworks 2009 SP3 x64 on a new MacBook Pro under boot camp running Windows 7 64bit. When I first ran Photoview 360 I was using the default windows graphics card VGA drivers. Photoview worked fine, Solidworks was a little clunky. So I installed the proper graphics card drivers for the Nvidia card and Solidworks works very well but Photoview 360 has gone AWOL. See attached....


Any ideas? No doubt its just a graphics issue but interesting to note that SWX is fine and PV 360 is not. Especially when PV360 is jointly developed with Luxology who support both Mac and Windows platforms with Modo 401.


If anyone is interested in how a MacBook Pro performs compared to a similar spec PC here's some bench mark results