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Multiple instances of excel running at once

Question asked by Ben Guenther on Aug 18, 2009
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2009 by Luke Malpass



My application starts excel and inputs some data from a part or an assembly. Everytime I run my application it creates a new instance of excel and I want this to happen but when I close the excel workbook and then check the "Task Manager" under "Processes" it is still there so if my application has been run 10 times and I have shut excel down all 10 times it still exists in the Task Manager 10 times.


Is this something I am going wrong or is it a bug in Excel ?


My code to start Excel:


exApp = CreateObject(



exApp.Visible = True



sheet = exApp.ActiveSheet


I am using:

Microsoft Excel 2007

Solidworks 2009 Premium

Visual Studio 2008 Visual basic



And an off topic question why did they remove the signiture from everybodies name ?. I liked that then others could always see what system you were running.